Gateway Stations Hand Sanitizer Dispensers are the YMCA’s “New Normal”

CEO Scott Mitchell of the YMCA talks about the addition of Gateway Stations Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Finally, the quarantine home workouts have come to an end with the reopening of the YMCA of Centre County. But, as to be expected, the “new normal” looks a little different. The YMCA is taking every precaution to ensure the safety of its members and their staff by implementing several operational changes based on local health officials and CDC guidelines. Facial coverings are now mandatory, high-touch surfaces are disinfected every thirty minutes, and Gateway Stations’ revolutionary hand sanitizer dispensers will be installed in their facilities.

What makes Gateway Stations revolutionary, you ask? These hand sanitizer dispensers hold 7 gallons of hand sanitizer in ONE unit. This means less frequent refilling, no wasteful plastic refill bags, and 24,000 clean hands! We had the opportunity to speak with CEO Scott Mitchell about the new safety additions and he raves about the convenience of the high capacity containers. He loves that “once you fill it up, it lasts quite a long time until you have to refill it again.”

For added convenience, Gateway Stations are designed to be “hands-free.” The YMCA of Centre County currently has the automatic battery-powered model installed on their premises. Scott Mitchell says “Our members really like them because they’re hands-free so they don’t have to touch anything when they’re using the product.” The YMCA plans on putting them in all of their four facilities by the end of the month.

In this “new normal,” administration, staff, and members need the proper tools to comply with new health and safety guidelines. Gateway Stations is a proven convenient, efficient, and effective solution to reopening safely amidst the pandemic.

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