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Our unique, high-capacity hand sanitizer dispensers are designed to protect the safety of your people and your premises. With 2 product lines, Industrial and Economy, we have a dispenser to fit your goals and applications. Our units are designed for portable or permanent use in both indoor and outdoor locations. These units come in 2 power options (A/C and Battery). Gateway Stations is a one-stop-shop for hand sanitizing dispensers.

Yes! Our systems are completely hands-free.

A Gateway Stations sanitizing unit is made of 
industrial strength aluminum or durable PVC. The approximate weight of an industrial units is ~43 lbs and the PVC is ~27 lbs making them extremely portable. 

All Gateway Stations products are made in the USA.

Our durable systems reduce labor and product costs by maximizing solution storage, minimizing refills and eliminating sanitizing solution waste! Our research indicates that regular dispensers leave up to 20% of their contents in the cartridge and get discarded at refill. A Gateway Station dispenser has a refill window to indicate a timely refill and minimize waste. Your sanitizer savings pays for a unit is less than a year!

Yes, we will uniquely brand your industrial units with logo artwork and color preferences. Build your organization’s integrity and promote safety with each unit. Economy Units may be customized with an additional charge.

Our dispenser’s come in a 36″ height to accommodate adults and a 27″ height to accommodate children and wheelchair bound individuals, via parallel approach.

For safety reasons, we are unable to ship our units pre-filled.

The industrial line dispensers hold between 5 and 7 gallons depending on unit height. The economy line dispensers hold between 3 and 4 gallons of hand sanitizer.

We offer a satisfaction-guaranteed, one-year limited warranty.

We are currently working on equipment leasing options.

Payment in full prior to delivery.

Contact a sales agent at 1-814-571-9444 or email us at sales@gatewaystations.com and we will deliver a fast and comprehensive quote.

Contact andy@gatewaystations.com.

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