Savings Analysis

Learn more about how Gateway Stations is helping companies save money while staying safe.

Sanitizer Savings

• Using the Purell or other cartridge type dispensers cost $0.023 (around 2.5 cents) per squirt- $23 per bottle @1000 squirts per bottle

• Using gallon jugs with Gateway Stations equals 3200 squirts per gallon, at $25 per gallon or $ 0.008 (less than one penny) per squirt.

• Savings realized per squirt using Gateway Stations units and gallon jugs versus cartridge type dispensers equals a savings of $.015 per squirt.

• $15.00 SAVINGS per 1000 squirts

• If we assume people use the dispenser 20 days per month the total monthly savings will be $304 per month per unit in sanitizer savings.

Benefits With Gateway Stations

• EFFECTIVE & EFFICIENT: Will last a lifetime Our dispensers feature heavy duty construction, high capacity tanks, touchless towers for less frequent refilling and waste!

• CUSTOMIZABLE: Great advertising frontage for your business or consumer- Build brand integrity by designing your hand sanitizer dispenser with your logo and unique design.

• Quick Return on Investment

• Labor Savings made by less frequent refilling should also be considered.

Industrial Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

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