Prepare for the new normal with high capacity hand sanitizer dispenser solutions

Cost Effective

Our high-capacity tanks allow you to purchase hand sanitizer in bulk, with savings that cover the cost of your unit in less than a year!

High Capacity

Our dispensers feature heavy duty construction, high capacity tanks, touchless towers for less frequent refilling and waste!


Build brand integrity by designing your hand sanitizer dispenser with your logo and your own unique design.

Industrial Model

Built of tough, lightweight aluminum, with 4.5-7 gallon reservoirs, these units are built for indoor and outdoor high traffic applications.

Economy Model

Built of durable PVC, with 4.5-7 gallon reservoirs, these units are an economical option to our Industrial line of dispensers.

Are you providing essential sanitizing options?

Gateway Stations spokesperson John Spalvins explains why having a high-quality hand sanitizer dispenser is essential for any establishment during the upcoming new year.

Call today and speak with a Gateway Stations representative to learn how you can get your hand sanitizer dispensers customized with your own unique company branding.

Customize your hand sanitizer dispensers

Top Seller

Battery-Powered Hand Sanitizer Dispenser



Durable but lightweight PVC
construction to weather the storm.


Large capacity tanks, holding 4.5 or 7 gallons of hand sanitizing liquid for less frequent refilling.


Battery-powered mobile dispenser for
indoor and/or outdoor applications.


27" OR 36" towers for handicap, child and adult accessibility


Customizing options to display your company branding.

Our Featured Review

"Goodwill Industries of North Central PA installed these sanitation stations in our 25 stores. This was done to protect our employees and customers during these uncertain times. Prior to our installation of the stations, we were receiving many customer calls regarding our enforcement of masks and the fact that we did not offer any hand sanitizer. Since the installation, we have not received any further complaints. The stations are well designed and easy to use. 100% recommend these sanitation stations!"
Thomas A. Glasl
Chief Financial Officer - Goodwill Industries of North Central PA, Inc.

Innovative, hand-sanitizer dispensers designed for your safety and the safety of those around you.

Make us a part of your new normal.


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